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ITS Management

I always question the motives of anyone who feels the need to hide or camouflage the truth. If people can’t be honest about their activities, it’s a clear warning sign that maybe they can’t be trusted. In my opinion, this goes for any business too; especially those operating in the online gaming industry. If a […]

Rewards Affiliates Scam at GPWA

From March 8’th 2011 at the GPWA (Gambling Portal Webmasters Association) a long time forum member posted proof that Rewards Affiliates were scamming their affiliate partners with unethical cross marketing.  Its been proven with factual evidence Rewards Affiliates scam their affiliate partners by contacting their tag players with untagged links. A private GPWA voting poll […]

Casino Rewards Cross Marketing

Most online casinos use an affiliate program to enlist websites to promote their casino brands. The majority of these programs are owned and operated under the guise of the company who owns the online casino or casino group.  Some of the larger groups of casinos also have a dedicated loyalty program run through a separate […]